2020 has been a wild ride, and we know that many of you have put a lot on hold. #ONESHOT Hair Awards is a competition for the hairdresser, and we want to give you everything you deserve. That is why we have decided to do a couple things differently this year.

First, we will be REOPENING the entry period for an additional 12 weeks to give a chance to so many of you who haven’t been able to create and enter all the work you wanted due to salon closures, canceled photoshoots, and any other unforeseen circumstances. Next, to make sure everyone remains safe and healthy and to preserve the magic that lives in the room of the #ONESHOT Hair Awards, we have decided to combine this year’s #ONESHOT Hair Awards with #ONESHOT 2021. This means #ONESHOT in Miami is canceled, and all the entries will go towards #ONESHOT 2021 in August.

DON’T WORRY! We still have tons of fun planned for you. Starting in March, we will host our first round of finalist announcements with a virtual Top 100 watch party celebration. YES, the TOP 100! You can watch LIVE as we reveal the Top 100 in each category with some surprises along the way!

Then, in April, we’ll reveal the TOP 50 with another virtual watch party, narrowing down each category even further. Next, as usual, we will announce the Final 25 for each category in June and the WINNERS at The BTC Show 2021 in August (location TBD!).

We KNOW you might be disappointed (so are we!), BUT it will just make AUGUST 2021 even sweeter when we can all safely celebrate together. This new format gives us the chance to celebrate even MORE of the beautiful work you all create and submit. Thank you for trusting BTC throughout all of this.

Love, Your #ONESHOT Fam

Official Dates

Work must be CREATED after April 9, 2019 & ENTERED between February 17, 2020 – January 1, 2021