How To Enter #ONESHOT 2023

to enter contest, read below:

Hello everyone!

It’s #ONESHOT season again, and we are incredibly excited to begin viewing all of your 2023 entries. Something we are very proud to share about our 2023 contest, is that we have added in greater protections for salon professionals and the integrity of the contest. Why is that needed? Unfortunately, in recent years, we have had some bad actors who have submitted work that is not their own or work they were not permitted to submit. We have even had to disqualify entries.
So, in an effort to protect our awards—your awards—we will not be able to nominate your work without prior verification and acceptance of our terms and conditions below, which validate the following:

  1. You are a licensed professional, cosmetology student or apprentice.
  2. The work you are submitting is yours and you are permitted to submit the work.